Join the At Peace movement by sporting At Peace brand items.Join the At Peace movement by sporting At Peace brand items.Join the At Peace movement by sporting At Peace brand items.Join the At Peace movement by sporting At Peace brand items.

At Peace Design is a global symbol of peace and tranquility. We provide unique, handcrafted jewelry and @ Peace brand items.

Me, In a Nutshell

The History


I have been an artist for most of my life. However, I’ve just started referring to myself as one within the past decade. 

I can find beauty in most anything and I believe that’s possible because my mind has no barriers. I can look beyond the imperfections and see what truly is or can be. My light shines the brightest when I can help someone else tap into their creative side. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. I hope to quietly help others be their authentic self. This is the basis of my @ Peace movement, encouraging others to be their authentic self and... 

To Be @ Peace!” Get your At Peace brand items today.

Very excited about this next adventure!


At Peace Design and J. Riley have joined forces and opened The Underground Makers Market. The Underground Makers Market is a unique space where one can escape the mundaneness of everyday life and into the minds of creatives. Comprised of four local, women-owned businesses, The Underground Makers Market provides the community the opportunity to not only shop some of their favorite Milwaukee-Made brands, but to also be an observer of the creative process. From tantalizing body products and statement making apparel to aesthetically intriguing jewelry pieces, this haven will surely provide an engaging experience for all who enter. Visit The Underground Makers Market today at the Sherman Phoenix, 3536 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, WI.

We are still here!

Brand items, jewelry, apparel

Even though we've opened our own place, we are still located inside Wisconsin Curated Creations (WCC) at Mayfair Mall. You can find us between Maggianos and Five Guys across from Crate and Barrel.



I love all things outdoors, except in the winter. When winter hits, I'm inside, on the ice...Curling!!! These are my grands being introduced to the game.

Favorite Places


Typically we don't travel to the same place twice (it's a big world out there). But, we did travel to Costa Rica (for a 2nd time). Waking up to the call of the birds, visiting animal preserves or venturing through the rainforest is like nothing else I've experienced. Of course, I never leave home without some At Peace brand items (jewelry and/or apparel). I have to represent the brand where ever I go!

Where in the world is @ Peace Design?

You can find us at any of the locations listed below.

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